• Wandpanelen Grijs Textiel Agnes One-Step voorbeeld

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Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions for Agnes One-Step.

Where can I buy Agnes One-Step?

Agnes One-Step is available for professional users and possibly also

the DIY market via the wood and building materials suppliers in the

Netherlands. Find your local sales outlet here. You can see

whether this dealer also supplies DIY users.

How can I finish off my wall or ceiling tidily?
Can I paint over the Agnes One-Step panels?

Yes, you can. The Agnes One-Step panels can be painted using acrylic paints. Make sure they are clean and free from grease beforehand, and start by applying an artificial primer.

How can I keep the Agnes One-Step panels clean?

Agnes One-Step panels can be washed using water and detergent, but

stay away from aggressive cleaners.