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The smart alternative for plasterboard

Would you like to build a lowered ceiling or partitioning wall? Of course you can use plasterboard. This will no doubt get the job done, but it's a labour-intensive and messy project. Are you looking for quick and good-looking results? Agnes One-Step wall and ceiling panels are then precisely what you need!

Why Agnes One-Step wall and ceiling panels?

Agnes One-Step is the smart alternative for plasterboard. While you'd spend a great deal of time finishing off the plasterboard of your lower ceiling or petitioning wall, that's not the case with Agnes One-Step. The Agnes One-Step wall and ceiling panels:

  • need no further treatment or finishing – no plastering or painting
  • are easy to apply- simply click the panels together using the tongue and groove connection

  • save you a great deal of time – no drying time and therefore quick construction
  • save you a lot of mess – no plastering required, so no leftover plaster lying around, no puddles of water and no dust....
  • are available in many different looks– whatever your style

Plaatsing Plafondpanelen Agnes One-Step Fitting Agnes One-Step Check the video on how to fit ceiling panels here
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Documentation & samples

If you would like more information on ready-made Agnes One-Step panels, you can order samples and documentation via the buttons below; these will be sent to you by post.

The Agnes One-Step documentation can also be downloaded.