Agnes One-Step plafondpaneel Plasterwork

45 TF

The Agnes One-Step ceiling panels offer an attractive finish directly after fitting, thanks to the decorative layer. Painting or plastering is therefore no longer necessary, which speeds up the construction process. Your project will progress a lot faster. This plasterwork version gives a playful effect. Would you like a smoother look? Why not opt for the panel with the plaster finish?


Plafondpaneel Wit Pleisterwerk Agnes One-Step Groot
Characteristics 45 TF
Basic material chipboard
Top layer PVC-free decorative layer
Edges tongue and groove all round
Available dimensions

12 mm 62 x 122 cm

Documentation & samples

If you would like more information on ready-made Agnes One-Step panels, you can order samples and documentation via the buttons below; these will be sent to you by post.

The Agnes One-Step documentation can also be downloaded.

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