Agnes One-Step plafondpaneel Attributes


The Agnes One-Step ceiling frame and hollow moulding are used where the ceiling meets a wall, for example. They are available in the same colours as the ceiling panels . They can be attached using staples, small nails or adhesive.


Toebehoren Plafondpanelen Agnes One-Step Product
Characteristics ceiling frame and hollow moulding
Basic material MDF
Top layer PVC-free decorative layer
Edges smooth finish
Available dimensions
Ceiling frame: 8 x 44 mm 260 cm

Hollow moulding: 22 x 22 x 260 cm

Documentation & samples

If you would like more information on ready-made Agnes One-Step panels, you can order samples and documentation via the buttons below; these will be sent to you by post.

The Agnes One-Step documentation can also be downloaded.

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