• Technische eigenschappen Agnes One-Step Plafondpanelen

    Quick and smart working with Agnes One-Step

    Download the step-by-step plan from the library!

Fitting Agnes One-Step

Agnes One-Step is quick and easy to fit in just a few simple steps. The clip below shows how to fit the ceiling panels simply and correctly. We have also provided a step-by-step plan for the wall and ceiling panels. It can be downloaded via the library.

Step-by-step plan for Agnes One-Step ceiling panels

Step 1: Make a sketch
If you stagger the boards, your ceiling will be stable as well as pleasing to the eye.

Step 2: Start by fitting battens
The panels are fitted to battens at 600 mm spacing, centre to centre. Use battens with a size of approximately 32 x 50 mm planed. The battens are fitted at right angles on the beams or directly to an existing ceiling. Minimum distance to walls, pillars or other construction elements: 10 mm. Use moisture-resistant (damp-proof) film between the beams and battens.

Step 3: Fit the panels
De platen zijn rondom voorzien van Tong en Groef en kunnen d.m.v. nieten en spijkeren (om de ca. 15 cm) onzichtbaar op het regelwerk worden bevestigd. Tong & Groef niet verlijmen.

Step 4: Fit the panels in place

The staples or nails should not be driven too
deeply into the groove, the head should be flush on the chipboard. Attach the panels in such a way that the edges can be covered with a finishing frame, staying at least 10 mm away from walls, uprights or other permanent constructions around the ceiling. Agnes One-Step reacts to fluctuations in air humidity.