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Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions for Agnes One-Step.

Where can I buy Agnes One-Step?

Agnes One-Step is available for professional users and possibly also the DIY market via the wood and building materials suppliers in the Netherlands. Find your local dealer here . You can see whether this dealer also supplies DIY users.

Can I use the Agnes One-Step wall panels as ceiling panels?

Yes, you can. The wall panels are a quick way of getting the job done, as the wall panels are larger than the ceiling panels. However, the wall panels only have a tongue and groove along their length. This will not be a problem as long as the ceiling measures no more than 260 cm. In larger ceilings, the panels are trickier to connect and you will be left with a seam between the panels.

Can I fit Agnes One-Step in wet rooms?

Agnes One-Step ceiling panels are also available in a moisture-resistant version (V313).

How can I finish off my wall or ceiling tidily?

By making use of the appropriate finishing frames. Check out the page for attributes.

Can I repair damaged Agnes One-Step panels?

Yes. The importer RET Bouwproducten can supply special touch up pens for this purpose.

Can I build in lighting in the Agnes One-Step panels?

Yes, you can. The Agnes One-Step panels can withstand heat up to 100 degrees Celsius. When you want to include built-in spots, we suggest you consult a dealer regarding the suitable lamps. They can advise you on the heat produced by the spotlight and the possibilities for insulation.

Can I paint over the Agnes One-Step panels?

Yes, you can. The Agnes One-Step panels can be painted using acrylic paints. Make sure they are clean and free from grease beforehand, and start by applying an artificial primer.

How can I keep the Agnes One-Step panels clean?

Agnes One-Step panels can be washed using water and detergent, but stay away from aggressive cleaners.

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